John Ware

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John is a military veteran that served in the U.S. Army. During these times he spent his days training, working to serve and protect America’s freedoms. As a soldier in the Army, he gained the physical and mental strength, job skills, and leadership capabilities that help him mentor to the youth. He is a member of Men Making a Difference, which provides guidance through mentoring, tutoring, and positive role modeling for the youth. He enjoys mentoring and helping shape the lives of youth by providing guidance and encouragement.

He is a businessman with courage, determination, honesty, and a willingness to work. He learned the themes of hard work and frugality with two brothers and a sister. He has been successful as a business owner. He loves to tackle challenges, problems, and any obstacles set forth before him in life. He previously owned and operated two retail shipping store franchises and a U-Haul Independent Dealership.
He enjoys teaching business and accounting courses in his spare time. He earned a BBA in accounting, a MBA in accounting, and currently in the process of finishing his dissertation for a doctoral degree in accounting. He is a firm believer that life has no limits unless you limit yourself and people can do anything they want to do in life.