Jason Scott

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Jason Scott – Navy Veteran. Married, father of 3. Former Technician and Project Manager with At&t for 13 years. Dedicated for last 3 years to the science and application of various online marketing techniques.

Our Services

a. Reputation Marketing – Build a 5 star reputation and culture within a business and then market that reputation to ALL other forms of advertising and media. *Core Service

b. Social Media Marketing – Facebook marketing is HUGE. Fan page development and design, advertising, list building, lead generation. Facebook is All-In-One tool now. YouTube, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn also built out and expanded.

c. Mobile Marketing – Mobile web design, sms/text message marketing, loyalty programs, digital kiosk. Mobile is the future.

d. Lead Generation – We own the online property. We lease sites monthly for a flat rate or sell individual leads for a set price each. Example site: miamiconcretepolishing.com. Leads are sent via tracking # or forms.

e. Video Marketing – Video creation and editing, syndication, ranking, advertising and brand building.